31 January 2008

People that I find fascinating right now

Karl Lagerfeld - Now he probably wouldn't like me because I am not a six foot tall teenage blonde supermodel but I can't help loving the man. He's a pure visionary genius. It's because of him that all girls covet Chanel bags or those huge sunglasses.Plus, he looks like a total rockstar.
Lolita - I'm feeling the heart-shaped sunglasses. Think I can pull them off for Valentine's day? I wonder if Forever21 has them, I could wear them with my chic high waisted shorts.
Padma Lakshmi - I'm very excited for TOP CHEF Chicago. So HOT. It's also nice to see a brown person hosting such a popular show. Well, I must admit my favorite Top Chef moments actually involve my pretend silver fox boyfriend Anthony Bourdain. But Padma is total sensuality. Who else could wear hotpants during the day and look great?
Anslem Kiefer - Okay, going and seeing one of his pieces at the Rubell family collection during Basel ricked my world. I get it now. He's the shaman/mystic of art for our time.
Patrick Wolf - At our last pow wow at Maude's I rediscovered Patrick Wolf. Listen to "The Magic Position".
A certain group of gasoline girls - Well, one of our key members is currently taking over DC. I miss her terribly. But, I am happy to report that everyone is strong, successful, and smoking hot.

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