17 May 2011

how i feel today:

I am spending a lot of time working on a new site. Am now sort of a fail whale.

08 May 2011

Summer Reading List

I'm currently taking suggestions for new books to read. I have a few I plan to read soonish but I am always looking for more.

Here are some books currently on my list:
  • Blood, Bones, & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton- I just started reading this book. I really like reading memoirs by chefs and this is actually the first one I have read that was written by a woman.
  • Annabel by Kathleen Winter - I bought this book with a Barnes & Noble gift card that Garrett's mom gave me for my birthday.
  • Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx - Annie Proulx is one of my favorite authors and I was interested to read this book which is a non fiction work.
  • The Seamstress  by Frances de Pontes Peebles - I picked this book up when our local Borders was selling all of their remaining stock for something like 90% off.

26 April 2011

So excited for Mobile TechXpo!

Here is information on an event that I am helping to organize. I am so excited and it is for a great cause so if you are in Gainesville, please try and make it!

Re-Tech Smartphone Centers and Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN)  are hosting an event that will highlight Gainesville's mobile technology community.

The 1st Annual Mobile TechXpo will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4 at Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center and will include:

●    How to Take Your App to Market, a panel discussion with local businesses New Charity Era, Grooveshark,  and Trendy Entertainment
●    Grooveshark University's App Camp Commencement and Showcase
●    Mobile app exhibits and demos by local developers
●    Music powered by Grooveshark
●    TechQuila and Mexican beer bar featuring Mexican snacks
●    Charity phone drive to fund technology purchases for Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County programs

Admission is:
$5 for GAIN members and students
$10 for non-members
FREE with donation of a mobile device

Fantasy Birthday Wish List

My 26th birthday is on May 5th. Please plan accordingly! Seriously, I do not really want anything for my birthday except to spend time with my friends.
Free People - Sassy Pintuck Cami
Bernardo - Milly Sandal

Michael Kors - Wallet Clutch iPhone  

Kimchi Blue - Lace Button Front Cami

24 April 2011


I am currently pulling together a sort of mood board for the redesign of Ophelia's Swim Team. It's funny I have an easy time working on things for other people but find it impossible to design myself a custom header. I love this blog but it does not look the way I want it to.
The problem is, I'm not sure how I want this blog to look! I want this blog to really reflect me as a person. But, I have a lot of diverse interests and I worry that it is impossible to capture them all. Also, I am hopeless at choosing typefaces. The choices are endless and I have a deep respect for professional graphic designers. I know it is not easy.
sigh, so perfect
Color is something I think about a lot. Even if I try to stick to a monochromatic color I end up putting more color. I am attracted to the artwork of Jim Houser, someone who I think has a very unique sense of color.
I'm sort of obsessed with the stacked amps and boxes...

I love the composition!
Website/blog design I love:
  • anthropologie I like things that are vintage-inspired but have a very clean look. Anthropologie has a romantic, sweet aesthetic that makes me want their stuff even more. 
  • stefanie storm Feminine with muted tones, I love this blog design! 
  • a beautiful mess I love the handwritten script and the fact that the header is a photograph of the author cutting out letters to spell the name of the blog. So sweet! 
  • from me to you  My friend Jeanna sent me this link. I love how dimensional everything on the page is.
Sites of general inspiration:
from HonestlyWTF
  • HonestlyWTF I love this blog! Every day I look at it I am inspired. This blog always has really awesome DIYs, brilliant photos, and just stuff I like. 
  • fashiontoast I have an unhealthy obsession with Rumi Neely's outfit posts. She has effortless style - really bohemian yet elegant at the same time. Also, she is so pretty it is ridiculous - mixed race people of the world represent!
  • designsponge Another blog I check every day. So many beautiful homes and objects to admire.
  • free people Sigh. I want everything free people makes. 

11 April 2011

in love...

I am so in love with Stefanie Storm's blog. She was my TA for the only photography class I have ever taken and I just am infatuated by her whole aesthetic. All of her photographs have this cool bleached-out Virgin Suicides look. Check out her cool headband to necklace re-purposing.

10 April 2011

NEW WORK by Francesca Lyn

I put some of my new work in one place:
check it out!