04 February 2008

Love actually is all around!!!!

Hi people.I just got the best email. Well, Valentine's Day is close and I'm a cynic. This might change my mind a little:

In June 2006 a retired professor from University of Kansas who was moving to Gainesville started a conversation with you at The Bistro Restaurant on W. University Avenue. He told you that his research involved Africa and that he had established the Africa & African-American Studies Program as well as the Upward Bound program at KU.

As you had been a mentor in our Upward Bound Program in 2005-2006, you suggested that he contact me about Upward Bound at UF and my research in Africa.

He called the UB office, we discussed Upward Bound as well as our mutual research interests for several months. We finally met --at the Bistro-- in November 2006. His name is Dr. Jacob Gordon.

Well, as it turned out -- we became good friends and got engaged this past November. We are getting married in March and we want to send you (our Cupid!) a wedding invitation. Please give me your mailing address.

And, I want to personally say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Dr. McDade

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