Ophelia's Swim Team started as a zine during the summer of my freshman year at the University of Florida. I learned about zines and zine making in an art class taught by Bethany Taylor and Sean Miller. I've been posting on this blog since 2006.

This blog has a wide variety of content, I have a lot of varied passions. I have my BFA in painting so art is a frequent topic. I am currently working on my MA in digital arts and science. I'm also an avid reader, I love reading contemporary fiction and finding new authors. I also really like fashion blogs and pictures of street style.

My tumblr blog can be found here. This tends to be more visual. 

My academic work in artistic coding and design can be found here.

I would love to review products, taste-test ice cream, or wear your couture.
Contact me: opheliasswimteam (at)