20 January 2008

he has too much facial hair to not smoke pot: a new college adventure


One of my best friends attends New College. I just got back from visiting her. Yes, she does wear shoes. No, I did not do acid.

New College is different from my college experience in some ways yet not in others. It is a small school. Most of the students live on campus. It definetly lives up to its reputation as one of the most liberal college campuses now. The surrounding city is very pretty. Lots of old people live in Sarasota. I think that all of the hippies at New College would drive me crazy. Still, I really liked all of Jill's friends. They were all super nice and friendly. Totally not pretentious. Plus, they like playing board games.

At New College they have open campus parties called "walls". The wall that went on the night I went had a celebrity rehab theme. I pretended I was Nicole Richie but I don't think anyone noticed. New College allows open containers so people can just waltz around with their drinks. It's a strange sight for someone like me to see. It turned into a late night.

The next morning Jill and I went to Tijuana Flats and then walked around downtown. Sarasota is adorable. We got hot chocolate. Then we went back to Jill's little dorm room. I took a nap.

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