10 August 2007

News on the girly front ....insane bridal fantasies....S&TC movie?

Okay, I dont really like traditional wedding gowns. They are big, poufy things that are too expensive and you will never wear again. Plus, most of them are horribly expensive. I like to make fun of them. Also, women seem to use their wedding to act out some sort of demented fantasy in which they are princesses. Lame. So, imagine my horror when I find out from my friend Steph that Disney has developed a line of bridal gowns. Real gowns for adult women. With some trepidation, I clicked on the link. I was surprised to see that the dresses were not tacky reproductions of the dresses the princesses (Belle, Ariel, Cinderella etc.) wear in the films. So, if you want to pay for some sort of delusional homage to Disney and wear your fluffy gown, go ahead. They aren't any worse than whats out there. They are just dresses for wusses. But, I actually like one of the ones in the "Jasmine" collection. Ugh.
Bridal Insanity:

In other news, Sex and the City Movie is going to happen. Hooray!
And Mr.Big is definetly going to be in it.

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