09 August 2007

off topic

EMO scene kids?????– Why are we still talking about this

Oh FOX news. We already know emo is lame. The WORD emo is lame. No one has said emo in any sort of relevant reason for about two years now. It doesn’t mean anything. I don’t even know what emo is. A pair of horn-rimmed glasses does not a subculture make.

If you haven’t seen an episode of Mad Men, watch it as soon as you can. Now. It’s on AMC.

I need a haircut.

And finally, we have a transcribed conversation between Sergio and I. I wanted it keep it topical.
Fran:I’m excited for Stardust tomorrow. Go see it. It’s Neil Gaiman. Claire Danes is in it.
Sergio: I’m excited for boobies!
Fran: What?
Sergio: You heard me!
Fran: I don’t think their will be any boobies in the movie.
Sergio: Aw. Well, Rush Hour 3 is coming out this weekend too and that looks good. Perhaps there will be boobies in that!
Fran: I doubt it. What did you think of Paprika?
Sergio: There were boobs in that! Also it was a pretty good movie, quite entertaining. I don’t think its at the Hippodrome anymore, though, so if you want to see it you’ll have to track it down in the weird and wicked wilds where anime resides.
Fran: Well, I’m glad you got to see cartoon boobs.
Sergio: Indeed! They looked like this (.)(.)
Fran: My mom reads my blog you know.
Sergio: HA! SAUCY EMOTICONS! ( >( >O_O)>
Fran: What is that?
Sergio: It’s one Kirby being sodomized by another!
Fran: Oh. I see it now

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