15 August 2007

Notes from Tally

Hi. I'm in Tallahassee.

Yesterday, I went to the top of the Capitol. It's 22 stories. When you get up to the to you can see Georgia. The gallery at the top is a really nice set up. I saw the Florida Museum of History as well. That museum is very underrated. First off, its FREE. Completely free! So you could just pop in for an hour if you didnt have time to see all of it. They had a ton of stuff from World War II right now. It is interesting because they had things I had never seen before like a nurse's uniform and blackout lightbulbs. They also had stuff recovered from Spainish ships. And scary Confederate flags.

Today, I helped Sarah set up her classroom. She's teaching 11th grade. Steele, Sergio, and I went to the pet store and got two goldfrish. Sarah is already a way better teacher than most of the ones I have had.

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