30 May 2007

Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival & Adventures in unemployment (part deux)

The Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival is proof that I will go to anything with the promise of a funnel cake. This festival is in it’s 34th year. Entertainment included Chris Cagle, SheDaisy, and Bucky Covington. The town of Zellwood is about two hours away from Gainesville. The Festival had activities such as a corn shucking contest and an antique tractor show. This attracted lots of white people. Many of these white people had on at least one tattoo. Some had camo clothing on. “Big Bertha” cooks corn in 350 gallons of boiling water. She can cook 1650 ears of corn every 9 minutes. It’s really freaking big.
The crafts area was small. I could have gotten a really big belt buckle with a bull on it. I was seriously tempted by the confederate flag belt. In the end I bought a trucker hat with “Zellwood” written on it. It also has an ear of corn on it. The corn itself is awesome. Worth the drive.
I thought I could do it. I thought I could lounge around Gainesville with no job for at least a week. Maybe indefinitely. But, I cant get fully into a sloth-like phase. I like doing. I have been working on new artworks and writing poetry. These things do not pay money. So, last week Liz and I went to the mall. We checked out what was hiring. They are opening a new bebe and a forever21 accessories store. Express is also hiring. Liz also dropped off an application at O2B kids and I picked one up. I’ll let everyone know how this turns out.

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