21 May 2007

how to stop an exploding man

What am I going to do without a new heroes episode to obsess about? I am already going through withdrawl already and the season finale just aired!!!

Maybe I will:

1. Talk about crazy theories about next season with my regular heroes watching crew. What was up with the sewer at the end?
2. Wikipedia inane facts about heroes.
3. Make “the eclipse” a drink that Greg Grunberg (Matt) made up that is named after the show’s opener eclipse.
4. Try and develop my own superpowers. I’m hoping for telekinesis.
5. Read the even more insane heroes theories on the internet. Hiro in the past ??? Is Linderman really dead? Is Micah the next messaiah?
6. Develop drinking games based around heroes. Anytime Peter says something stupid, take a shot. Anytime someone mentions Mr. Linderman. Anytime you see the mysterious symbol, take a shot. Actually, those are too easy.
7. Draw the heroes cast anime style and post to deviant art and wait for the adoration of loser fangirls. Kawaii not???
8. Buy a “Nathan Petrelli for Congress” coffee mug. And cry.
9. Make more stupid lists.
10. Get a life. Not likely.

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