11 June 2007

i wish i was french

The one good thing about not being able to find a job is all of the free time I have had. In this time I have been reading. I just got done reading Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. It was supercute. If you read as many fashion magazines as I do, you’ll recognize Sykes as something of an It girl. She used to work for Anna Wintour! She’s witty in a sort of Oscar Wilde way, making fun of society without a mean edge. In this novel there is a lot of discussion about what the perfect blonde is. I have no interest in blonde but I understand the main character’s issues. It’s about a cool factor.
For the Park Avenue Princesses it’s a shade of blonde. For me, it’s more of a European mystique thing. Since I am from Florida, I have no mystique. What is it about French girls that make them so cool? I’m talking about Eva Green, Lou Doillon, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Also includes Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp’s longtime partner. They are effortlessly chic. Bridget Bardot cool. They all have bangs, which is something I CANNOT HAVE. I have curly, not wavy hair. It’s untamable and unruly. It does what it wants.The summer is especially hard. It makes no sense to flatiron if it is going to be all humid and possibly rain. Bangs would be a mistake. The French girl hair look is that “im so sexy I don’t even HAVE to do my hair”. It’s like artfully mussed yet looks chic. That does not work if you have curly hair. My good friend Jill also wants to be French and has the same problem. I have to mention that Jill looks like a petite Sophia Coppola which is probably even better than being French because all of the cool French girls want to be in cool movies anyway.
The other thing that makes the French girls so cool is that they are muses. Fashion designers see them and are immediately inspired. No fair! I doubt Karl Lagerfeld will be calling me anytime soon.
Note: I have to mention how much I love old pictures of Bardot. She’s the coolest. I also have to mention all of the older film stars and models including Catherine Denueve, zouzou, and too many others to mention here.

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