19 June 2010

good stuff

Let's focus on the good stuff instead of the bad. Here is what's good:

- Elaine's thesis project really inspired me. I think I have a great idea for what I want to do. Go Elaine! Seriously, she put on a major production to great success. I am glad I got to help even a tiny bit. Elaine is awesome, I am so glad I can call her a friend.
- It's Garrett's birthday on Tuesday! He's turning 25. I've had his present for a month and I have been torturing him about it.
- Father's Day!
- I saw Toy Story 3. It was really great. I won't say anything else, I do not want to spoil anything.
- I get to see Amy tomorrow evening! That will be so awesome, I thought we were just going to miss each other.
- Harry Potter theme park experience! I promise a whole long post about it. It might be a good thing to discuss in my Summer B class, interactive storytelling.
- Seeing the parents for a time when we do not have to travel. Weddings are amazing and I am so happy for my cousin but it will be great to just kick back at home. I really miss home.
- I really love contacting bloggers for my internship.

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