18 June 2010


Something is wrong with either my Web Browser or Blogger itself. It
does not seem to want to let me post from Firefox and Safari seems to
have difficulty as well. Maybe I should be using Chrome.

I am incredibly frustrated with school. Some of it is my own fault. I
feel like I get easily overlooked in some class discussions because I
come from an analog art background rather than a programming/science
background. I am lucky that I have very good instructors but I get
easily worried that I do not know enough about math or computer
programming to be versatile. For example, one of our instructors is a
very skilled draftsman and artist but is also great at the more
digital/programming side. I just do not know if I have the time in
this accelerated track to learn all of these things. We'll see.

I also get frustrated when things are not as organized or laid out.
Some of the best bosses/mentors/supervisors are not necessarily the
most talented or the most brilliant, they are the most direct and
clear. I do not need handholding but I also do not deal well with
people who clearly have no idea what they want. That is my pet peeve.
I like to know immediately what is expected of me. I know what I want
to accomplish in life and it is a lot. I especially hate the feeling
that I am being underestimated. I wish people would check their egos
and just be team players. Condescension does not make happy workers.

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