07 March 2010

inspiration - various stye blogs
The blog of Rumi Neely. Absolutely gorgeous fashion photographs. She's quickly becoming my newest style icon.
This is how I want to look. Plus, she wears clothes could actually buy! Currently growing my hair out and searching for the perfect pair of platform shoes.
Blogland's style authority. Check it.

Adorable girl with a definite look. Do you have to be Asian to pull this off?
Pop Magazine's online presence. I haven't actually had a physical copy of Pop on front of me but I have really loved the various article's I've read online. It's fun and daring.
Meg Clark's blog. Another source of style inspiration. I think we'd get along. She seems to like black as much as I do.
Fantastical fashion blog of random awesomeness.
I'm not sure what this is all about but I think these women might be witches. Cool.

Send me your links if you frequent other cool blogs!

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