27 May 2009

i feel like i have to write something

Barry Bernard was not related to me. He wasn't even a close friend. He was someone that living in Gainesville brought into my life. I would see him all of the time on his bicycle or out while I was out. He was tall, handsome, and black. He always had on an awesome outfit and was very friendly.Even among the gorgeous kids I know in Gainesville, he stood out. He worked at Gainesville's American Apparel and it was always a bonus to see him there. His runway walk for Gainesville Fashion Week got the biggest screams of joy. Everything about him made you want to get to know him better.

His death is not something I can make sense with. He was only 25! He was loved by his girlfriend, his friends, everyone. I am glad I got to meet him. I am glad we once talked about New York. I'm glad I always waved to him when he was biking around.I am sorry I did not get the chance to know him better.

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Everton A. said...

OMG i didn't even realize it was him until i got a e-mailer from Wolfgang today that included a picture of him. At one point this year, I was shopping at American Apparel every Friday and he ALWAYS made my shopping experience pleasant. Its so sad to see such a sweet person go. All i can do is Shake My Head at the loss. May he rest in peace as i KNOW he's in a better place...