05 February 2009

im happy just because and procrastinating

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Dream Dinner Party

Food prepared by Eric Ripert.

Guests Anthony Bourdain, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Francesca Lia Block, Zadie Smith, and Danny Djeljosevic. Danny is there to ask intelligent questions in the event that I am overwhelmed. I think I'll wear something by Lanvin.

Dream Dinner Party, with fictional characters
Food prepared by that rat from Ratatouille. Dessert course prepared by Willy Wonka.

Guests John Constantine, Buffy Summers, Rory and Lorelei, Zooey Glass, Shadow Moon, and Hellboy. The comic book Hellboy not the slapsticky one from the movies. The very real Katy Evans will be my dinner date. I can wear an outfit put together by Weetzie Bat.

Dream Dinner party, with dead people
Food prepared by Bernard Loiseau.

Guests Kurt Cobain, Joseph Beuys, Grace Paley, Joseph Cornell, Henri Matisse, and Edie Sedgewick. Paul Poiret will be making my evening gown. The lovely and alive Lindsey Barone will be my date. Dancing immediately to follow.

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