30 November 2008

american werewolf, part 3- full english breakfast

Because of the ocean between us, I rarely get to see my mom's side of the family. The last time I was here it was for a funeral. We are staying with my aunt who lives in this cute neighborhood in Wembley Park. That's northwest London. Wembley Arena isn't far. My mom actually grew up not far from here. I walked up Wembley high road, which is where all the shops are. 

This time we are bringing my grandmother's ashes and having a small memorial service. The cemetery is very old and is running out of space so all the headstones nearly touch. It's something you don't see in Florida as much. 

Today we are going to to an estate that has been turned into a hotel/restaurant. Apparently Churchill used to visit quite frequently. And their is what used to be a Russian Orthodox chapel. The pictures make it look very grand and pretty. My uncle is driving so we do not have to worry about the numerous train closings this weekend. The closest station was completely closed yesterday and I had to take a somewhat confusing bus ride. 

Dinner happens earlier here than I am used to. Then comes supper. I feel sort of like a hobbit. 

Tomorrow my mom is going to Harrod's and I am going to the Tate Modern. Harrod's makes me crazy. I always get claustrophobic. And their is something disturbing about a store you can buy anything at. A pony, a giant toaster, a car, a house, a steak?

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