29 November 2008

american werewolf, part 2: mind the gap

Hi everybody. I wrote this in Debenham's. I'll save you from reading my serial-killer handwriting:

Londoners are busy Christmas shopping and bumping into me. I am currently in a cafe in one of those fancy high street shops. I stick out here. I'm clearly not Christmas shopping. And most of the customers seem to be sweet looking older white British ladies. 

How come the prepackaged food tastes better here than it does in the US? It might be because it costs twice as much. Still I am impressed by the dessert selection.

They cleverly put their cafe in the least trafficked area- men's accessories. Every once in awhile some older English gentlemen will walk over and look at a pair of gloves or a money clip. I have yet to see anyone actually pick anything up. 

I thought I was seeing the same girl everywhere. On the bus, the train, outside the station, and in Topshop. It just turns out that floral skirt, black tights, and slouchy suede boots are really in right now. So I'm seeing variations on the same girl. The Topshop girl?

Oxford Circus is the mecca for the Topshop girl. It's  a little disconcerting that I blend in so well- I even have a skull scarf on. But, I refuse to wear sheer tights in this weather though. Or thin ballet flats. A group of Russian girls were all wearing snoods, denim minis, and tights. They seemed nice but clearly did not speak much english. I always end up next to friend non-english speakers. Time to work on another language? 

Oh well, it's hard to make random friends. I bet I'll have better luck out later this week with my cousin. She's a journalist and currently in the running for the world's coolest human being. Oh and this is the same cousin who was in a singing group that got discovered by Flavor Flav. Yeah, I'm very excited to see her. 

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