14 April 2008

Welcome to Gangsterville

So I am fully a Gainesville convert. While my feelings about the University of FLorida vary, I freaking love Gainesville. I love Satchel's. I love Tim & Terry's. I love Common Grounds. I freaking love the 2nd Street Bakery. I love random house parties. I love the Top and the Atlantic and summers of gin. But most of all I love the local characters. Katy has dubbed them Gainesville superheroes.
Here are a few:
King of Bums- Seen everywhere. Always wearing a leopard skin pillbox hat and all black clothing.
Motorcycle Pirate - Most often seen in Target Copy. Always wearing multiple bandanas and a leather eyepatch.
Wandering Man - Very blonde. Most often seen walking back and forth University Avenue muttering. Might be a rapper.
The Chariotteer- Always on a bike. Uses his dogs as transportation. Told his mom about Lindsey.
One-Legged Jesse - Usually on the corner of University & 13th. Has one leg. Claims to be a Vietnam war vet. Is probably about 10 years to young to be one.
Oh and I was wondering if this was too mean to post being as how some of these people are probably homeless AND crazy. But Katy says it is not mean. Plus we should stop pretending people that dont have homes do not exist. Yeah, I'm going to hell.
Shout out to Spacecowboy & Always Running Man!
Note: After having Amy read this I realize that it could look a bit cold. The plight of the himeless is really sad and in Gainesville the real homeless don't have a lot of resources. However I realize that most of these people are just unique rather than destitute. I'm pretty sure most of these people have jobs and homes. They probvably make more money than I do. Well, probably not One-Legged Jesse....

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