03 April 2008

happy thoughts

1. Being reunited with sheep. Thank you Gerhardt family for keeping my lamb safe. She is sitting on my bed.
2. David not having cancer! Woo.
3. Breakfast sandwich maker. Has changed my life.
4. Chaperoning formal. Anyone want to be my date?
5. I'm optimistic that the rest of this week will be great. I have a feeling.
6. It's my Mom's birthday on Friday. Happy birthday! She says she is embarassed but she looks great. If I look that great at that age I will tell everyone! Have fun on Friday Mom.
7. Art Show! ohmygodfreakingout
8. A standing date to watch Top Chef.
9. I wrote a really good poem.
10. Maybe I will go to the beach on Saturday. I feel like getting out of town..... Anyone in?
11. My gasoline girls. I love my true college sweethearts- Amy, Jen, Katy, Zi, Erica, Michelle, and all the fabulous women I know.

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