01 January 2008

New Year

"Black men should not wear sweaters. They look SO GAY."
- My mother on Akon's fashion choices.


Last night was probably the most fun I have had over New Year's. Jessica invited me to see her father (Andrew Bayuk) play music on Las Olas. I had no idea that their was a big block party type thing for New Year's there. They close down the street. I got to people watch. Lots of interesting people. Family types. Dressed up girls in sparkles. A man who looked like homeless Santa. We could have made a killing selling paper crowns and such. It was pretty lowkey for a big New Year's bash. Drinks werent as overpriced as I expected them to be. Then again, I didnt go into any of the clubs really. It was really great. Whitney and her friend Matt ended up playing some music as well. They were awesome. Fun was had by all! We got to watch the ball drop on Las Olas. How cool is that?

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