17 February 2007

The 2nd street bakery has wireless!

And delicious orange white chocolate chip cookies. Also, bread you can't get anywhere else. Fantastic.I may never go to Panera again. It smells so great here. Gainesville, I love you.

On Thursday, I brought in cupcakes for my class. They seemed pretty excited over a little thing like cupcakes. They were actually just leftover cupcakes from Wednesday's fete so I did not do anything out of my way to make them.

The Valentine's Day party went great. A few people couldnt make it at the last minute but then a few other people I didnt think could come ended up coming. The decorations were gorgeous. I am really greatful I have Amy as a friend. She made the best baked brie ever! Also Jen came ove the night before and helped make cupcakes. Zi fixed the deviled eggs. I ate them. whee.

Tonight I'm going to a friend's house for veggie lasagna and crafts. Yum.

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