04 April 2011

going for it

I'm looking around for places that might want to display some of my artwork around town. I have been making more paintings again recently. It is a good break from doing my other work which is mostly on the computer. I do a lot of reading and a lot of writing - painting/drawing seems to stimulate a completely different area of my brain. It keeps me from burning out.

Most of my new stuff is abstract, mostly centered around repetition. I mostly work as a meditative process - it really helps me relax. I have been trying not to plan out these paintings very much. Sometimes it is really fun to try and solve the problems that arise as you are working on the piece. I have always been attracted to combining colors that do not necessarily look harmonious. I like saturated, bright colors.

So hopefully by writing this I will be putting it out there to the universe that I would like more people to see my artwork. These pieces need good homes to go to!

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