06 March 2011

The Good Life

Smith lives the good life.
What is the good life to you? For me, the good life is being healthy and happy. It is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I got sick about a week ago with what turned out to be a kidney infection.  I am slowly feeling better but the antibiotics have been honestly knocking me over. I have been feeling pretty tired and out of it. This has been probably the worst I have felt in a long time and I will be glad when all of these antibiotics are done.

Health is one thing that I try to be grateful for every day. Recently, I have had friends and family members with chronic problems or sudden illness and it is hard to express how difficult it is to know that people you love are suffering. I have been pretty lucky. I have never had to be hospitalized for anything and the only surgery I have had has been my wisdom teeth removed.

Happiness is harder to measure than health. Everyone has their own definition. For me, happiness is having people around me that I love, working towards my personal goals, and not having to worry too much about finances.

I would call myself a happy person. I am lucky to be able to talk to my parents whenever I want to. I do wish I had more close friends around me in Gainesville - all of my buddies are spread out around the country. I am so glad I got to see Katy fairly recently. Texas was awesome and I would love to go back. I think people have this idea that Texas is going to be all cowboy boots and like, country stuff. I did go to a stock show and rodeo in Fort Worth but Dallas is another story. Dallas is so upscale and fancy in parts, definitely got more of a country club, preppy vibe from some areas. I'm surprised they have not done a "Real Housewives of Dallas" yet.

My Texas fantasy vacation would be to go to Austin with Katy. That town sounds so fun and I would love to see more of the state. Plus Katy and I have the most random adventures. I can't explain what happens, suddenly we will be performing at a subway stop in NYC with a kazoo or having an impromptu fashion shoot. I also would love for her boyfriend to meet my boyfriend because I think they would get along well - both are easygoing and would probably want to compare crazy girlfriend stories.


AlisonKw said...

Hey, Francesca! I'm in the same boat with a lot of my friends being long distance. The one challenge with living in Gainesville for me is that it feels like everyone is always leaving. Moving on to a new job, grad school, etc.

When you are feeling better we should totally hang out. I promised Nandy I would take her out, so maybe we could have a little DW girls night? What do you think?

Francesca said...

That sounds so fun! Let me know what develops.