30 March 2011

Almost the end of the semester....

It is almost the end of the semester and I am so excited. Garrett has been working incredibly hard on his thesis project, he is making so many cool things. His presentation will be on April 8th at Digital Worlds Institute. More news on that very soon.
I am really enjoying my internship with Gather! Marketing & Communications. The companies we are working with are incredibly cool. I am really lucky to have found it. It is sort of funny, I was not really aware of marketing/communications as a career while I was in undergrad. I really like the field. I still think my ultimate dream job is to one day be a professor and teach Media Studies. But, I want to work before I go into academia-  I think the best professors I have had are those who have a wealth of professional experience to draw from.
So far my summer plans seem to be shaping up. I take the GRE at the end of May. Summer graduation is held on August 6th - I'm not sure if I am actually going to walk. I am not sure who else is graduating in my department and I sort of don't want to be there with no one I know.

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