20 January 2011

Checking school

 Hi, I hope everyone has has a good week so far. I've been having a good time. Recently, I started working on some linoleum block print carving. I have done the carving of three so far, no immediate plans to print them, the carving is a great way to focus my anxious mind on something. I did stab myself with a sharp tool though. I'll post pictures of the blocks themselves soon.
As far as my thesis is going, I now have three members of my committee. Professor Mindy McAdams has agreed to sit on my committee. I am so happy, I know she will be very helpful and want the best. The class she taught "New Media and Democracy" has to be one of the best classes I have ever taken. We need more classes where we examine new media the way Professor Mindy does in my department. Maybe one day she will teach an interdisciplinary class at Digital Worlds. The other members of my committee are Professor James Oliverio and Professor Ben DeVane

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