26 November 2010

friday night shout-outs

  • First I'd like to mention my mom who is amazing. She needs to update her blog though. 
  • The parents got a new HD TV that comes with cool 3D glasses. I may move back in. 
  • Chictopia is still one of my internet addictions. I am so inspired by the creativity of other bloggers. It keeps me going. 
  • Speaking of fashion blogs, I am OBSESSED with Arabelle Sicardi's blog, fashion pirates. She puts such interesting things together and is also a thoughtful, insightful person.
  • Stephen Elliot is my new favorite writer. And James Franco is playing him in a movie!
  • I miss my best friend Lindsey Lugrin. I need to book a flight to see her in the spring ASAP. 

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jemappellecin said...

Rock on...with love, peace, and faith...from, 4everUSMC...via! Team U.S.ACE!