05 September 2010

not on my watch buddy!

Okay, I'm aware that human rights violations go on all the time. I admit that I'm about as jaded as everyone else. Plus I'm a poor college student and sometimes feel powerless against forces that seem to be fueled by so much money and power.

But the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has caused me to say enough already. One of my personal role models, Kelly Cutrone, happened to tweet about it yesterday. The story sounded vaguely familiar and I realized this is a woman who had ALREADY been lashed 99 times in 2006. Her lawyer had to flee Iran because of death threats to himself and his family. A lot of people are petitioning for her freedom, the press this case is getting is literally keeping this woman alive. The President of Brazil even offered her asylum.

So contact Amnesty International, sign a petition, and make some noise.

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