13 September 2010

It's crazy all this is happening while Lauren is away

Hi. I'm over at DW teching a show and I figured I would take a moment to update a little bit. Things have been crazy. My parent's house got broken into a couple of weeks ago. A ton of stuff was stolen but no one was hurt. I'm mostly angry that people would take things like my grandma's jewelry - it's the sentimental value that makes me so mad. My best friend Lindsey is in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism - such a shock. Thank God she got it checked out - untreated it is extremely dangerous.
School is going fine. I am really excited for our AV Club performance. If you are in Gainesville you should come out, I'll be running some of the VJ software that my professor Pat Pagano wrote. I'm excited to put my own content in it. I hope I can do some VJing outside of school in the future.

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