08 September 2010


I don't know why I am letting it bother me so much but the Dove World Outreach planning to burn the Qur'an is really upsetting me. Everything about this is so disturbing. I feel sick to my stomach that these individuals are going to do something so disrespectful, so hateful, and so dangerous. All it is going to do is offend everyone who cares about religious tolerance and incite backlash amongst extremists. How is that not obvious to them?


hadelicious said...

I'm extremely hurt by this man's awful behaviour. Its only going to spread more hate into this already corrupt world. The Quran is our holy book. Honestly, if you don't like the Quran/ don't believe what's written in it then STOP READING! No need to offend us and disrespect us.

Francesca said...

I know, this is totally disgusting. Please know that this man does not represent Gainesville. The vast majority of people here are outraged and very embarrassed that this is national news.