25 August 2010

class. i has it.

Digital Media Studio - I think this class will most resemble a studio art class. I want to be free to have some room to try a lot of things I am interested in. I want to continue to shoot my own footage and experiment. Plus it seems like I will have some room to do a bit of audio design.

New Media and Democracy - I'm taking this class outside of my department. Since a lot of my classes are focused more on the production side of things, I hope it will be interesting to study new media in a bit of a different way. I'm a new media junkie so I think this will feed the addiction - in a good way.

Entertainment Technology - I haven't gone to this class yet, it's on Thursday. 

Research for Graduate Thesis - Meeting with the director of my program to get everything in line for my thesis. Cross your fingers for me that I can put together a kick-ass thesis committee.

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Garrett Strobel said...

I has it too!