27 July 2010

just read

I just finished Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves by Crystal Renn. It was a compelling, frightening book to read. Prior to this I had only known Renn through her work as a plus-sized model. She's freaking GORGEOUS and has done a ton of high profile editorial and commercial work. I had no idea she started her modeling career severely underweight for her body type and was basically killing herself to do it. The pictures of her as a young model are shocking but her own account is harrowing. She is careful to remind us that not all thin people are anorexic but that everyone has a personal set point for optimum health. I think this is an important book to read. I think it could definitely help start conversations that need to happen.


mysterygirl said...

this is such an amazing and inspiring book. I was anorexic for a while i my teens, but managed to recover once i moved out of my hometown. i encourage all girls to read this because it does a great job of teaching you to love you body.
thank you for posting this, i hope its okay that i share this with others.

Francesca said...

Of course! Thank you so much for commenting!

Jaymie said...

This book sounds really interesting may have to check this one out!