10 June 2010

young and slightly bitter

I love the world of fashion.  I like that it celebrates beautiful freaks. I love designers as much as I love fine artists. Fashion blogs are my favorite thing to read. I love street style and creative people. I love my internship. But I'm starting to get bitter after watching The City.

I watch The City to vicariously sit on the front row of fashion shows. I genuinely enjoy watching Whitney Port. She seems like a nice person. And her line is cute and wearable.  And as I have mentioned before I love Kelly Cutrone.

But that Olivia Palermo person is something else entirely.  I am shocked that someone like this exists. I hope that maybe some of it is played up for television. I hate when people take what they have for granted.  Do they not realize how many girls would literally kill for the opportunities that are just handed to them?

It's similar to when I read The Devil Wears Prada and I could not understand why the main character was complaining so much. Yeah, you think your job sucks. But you are working for one of the most powerful women in fashion, suck it up! Yet The City is worse in some ways because someone like Olivia doesn't even care. It's obvious she does not need to work, why not just quit so someone who actually wants to try will do a better job?

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