23 June 2010

my newest obsession

Chictopia is my new favorite website. Find me on it here if you are curious about my personal page. I have not yet posted some personal style pictures but I have posted pictures of some things online that I have really loved. Most are from Etsy!

Personal style is something I feel passionate about. What I love about Chictopia is that it is essentially a community revolving around personal style. I love seeing new pictures every day of the amazing outfits different people put together just because they love looking amazing and unique. It's also nice to see a much wider range of body shapes without some being marginalized as "plus sized" or "petite".  Plus, people post in the forums asking for or giving style advice. It seems to be an online community with no snarkiness, which is refreshing.

What's also great is how it seems to be more about putting together great outfits rather than buying the most expensive thing. I love looking at fashion magazines but since they are driven by a place of blatant consumerism the message is always BUY BUY BUY. Of course chictopians also like to shop but since the overwhemling majority of them are real women that just like fashion, what they wear is always more realistic in price. Plus, Chictopia has reignited my passion for thrift stores! I really need to explore more, I am in the market for vintage leather belts,  folksy dresses in light colors, and beaded necklaces.  Basically, I like looking like a gypsy as much as possible.

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