21 June 2010

fashion, fun, and snacks

I hardly ever get a manicure or a pedicure so today was a special treat. Plus, I got to go with my friends Amy and Jessica. OPI is my favorite kind of nailpolish. I have my toes painted in Do You Lilac It? right now. I love the gray-ish purple. My hands are done in Moon Over Mumbai. I actually thought that color would be a little darker.

I just joined Chictopia. Chictopia is a fashion social networking site. People share their own personal style photos and inspiration.  Plus you can acquire points to get rewards or additional features. It's fun so far. I love personal style and clothing as individual creative expression.  Add me as a friend if you do it too.

The JCrew catalog just got delivered to my house. How do they know I am home for the week?  Honestly I can't see myself ordering $70 shorts anytime soon but I like to see how they style the outfits.

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