02 June 2010

10 people i would like to meet

 These are not really in any particular order. I think right now the person I would like to meet the most is Kelly Cutrone because I just finished her book.

1. Oprah Winfrey
This one is a no-brainer. I used to watch Oprah every day. I really respect the book club and I think she is so smart. I would like to know who the people she thinks will be the big movers in the future. I would like to know what a typical day is like for her.

2. Kelly Cutrone
My current empowered female hero. Single mom, PR maven, new reality star, she is awesome. I like that she works in fashion but it relentlessly herself. Her book is sincere in wanting to share and teach young women. Her company works with all of these cutting edge designers and you can tell they have a high respect for the artistry of fashion. It's very reassuring that someone like her exists, it proves you can be authentic AND successful. I cannot wait to watch last night's episode of The City. Whitney Port is the luckiest girl to have Kelly Cutrone as her boss and consulting on her line.

3. Hugh Hefner
This might throw people off a little bit but I really think I would like Hugh Hefner if I met him. He just seems like a nice guy. I respect that he resisted pressure to make Playboy more explicit.  He is also a film buff and we like a lot of the same movies. I'm sure he has a lot of great stories. And who could resist a trip to the Playboy Mansion?

4. Tavi Gevinson
I read Style Rookie often. She is so smart, her posts are getting better and better. She really has a fantastic eye for art and design. I wish I had started OST when I was younger! She seems to have a great sense of who she is at such a young age. Simply cool.

5. Neil Gaiman
Gaiman is my favorite living author. American Gods is one of my favorite books. His blog is a must-read. I would like to have many cups of tea with him. I think I would be very intimidated to talk to him, I hold writers in high esteem.

6. Sophia Coppola
I am a huge fan of her as a director.  The Virgin Suicides is one of my favorite movies and I really liked her take on Marie Antoinette. Her movies are always visually arresting. A lot of them you could watch with the sound turned off.

7. Marc Jacobs
I love his clothes. I would become a fashion designer if I could study with Marc Jacobs. I just love his creativity. I want to learn his ways!

8. Grace Coddington
The creative director of US Vogue. I loved The September Issue. Rent it! Grace Coddington is a genius. Her photo shoots are these big-budget epic fantasies that I just want to live in. So inspired.

 9. Lauren Conrad
I think Lauren Conrad has done an awesome job staying classy while living in the public eye. She just seems like a girl's girl, someone you could actually be friends with. I'm glad she has a line at Kohl's, she should keep doing things that are accessible to people with budgets.

10. Erin Kaplan
This is Erin from The City. I love her personal style. She always looks amazing! And she's the youngest ever PR Director of Elle. Elle is my favorite fashion magazine. Something about her reminds me of a blonder Kate Moss. Maybe slightly Nico-ish? She's so chic.
I love that a young powerful woman is getting televison time. I could learn a lot from her. Anyway, anyone who can deal with someone as ridiculous as Olivia is worth talking to. I want to learn how to deal with people I don't get along with better.

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