10 April 2010

suburban fantasies

I'm an academic. I didn't plan on it, it just seems to be the way things are going. To be gainfully employed doing things I would enjoy almost always requires degrees beyond an undergraduate one. Whether I want to paint or research the newest social media tools, the world listens (and pays) much better if you go to grad school. This is not a particularly disheartening thing to me because I happen to LOVE SCHOOL. I'm a dork about it. I love researching things. I love reading. I love class discussions. I'm happy to contribute. I even like going to the freaking computer lab. The idea of going on to getting a Phd gets me giddy.

But a part of me fantasizes about working on an organic farm or raising alpacas for their wool. Academia is a lot of things- stimulating, engrossing, challenging - but it doesn't have quite same romantic appeal as say beekeeper or weaver. And yes, I'm aware that these sort of occupations aren't glamorous and would literally work you to the bone but isn't it nice to think about an alternate life once in awhile?

In the mean time I'm working on my homework and growing a few herbs in pots. So far I have some small parsley and thyme plants. I just planted some basil and oregano. And I have some bee balm just in case some honeybees want to come visit. I'd welcome it.

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