16 April 2010

spring cleaning

I've been trying to have more energy and make better choices for my health. This includes eating better and going to the gym. I wish their were quick fixes for healthy things but these are the two things that actually work.
Eating healthier is actually kind of fun for me. My boyfriend is a great cook and I have been trying out new stuff. It also helps that I already do not have much of a sweet tooth. Once in awhile I will want a bag of sour patch kids and I really like dark chocolate but that's about it. Last night I made an amazing salad with baby spinach, fresh peas, carrots, cucumbers, sliced almonds, and lots more yummy stuff.  My herb garden will be helpful in flavoring lots of dishes.
 I'm also trying to cut back on coffee drinks from Starbucks, I love a caramel frappe but really it's like having coffee ice cream for a drink! So, I've switched to green tea. Caffiene starts a viscous cycle with me and eventually I'm buying cans of Redbull like a junkie.
 I am not a gym person. I hate sneakers. I think it's really boring and not a fun place to be. For some reason gyms remind me of hospitals, they are too sterile or something. I do feel better after going but the whole time I am there I am like bleh. I like yoga so I'm hoping to take a class or two soon.

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David said...

Yeah, my metabolism ain't what is used to be and my muscle tone is turning to fat. I need to get it together.
Also, this is Lindsey, not David.