31 March 2010

keep going, take two lefts

I'm at school right now. I am sitting in Digital Worlds, at a table in the the REVE. I may or may not be descending into madness.

Apparently some event for the college of education is taking place. This is fine except that I'm supposed to be working right now. I'm graduate assistant, which is sort of like being an indentured servant. They give me a tuition waiver (actually a partial tuition waiver) and a pittance to live on. In exchange for this, I am supposed to give them work.  Simple concept right?

But, the higher ups are either too busy or do not care to give me any actual work.  I have had exactly one project this whole semester. I completed it and emailed about it - it's supposed to be reviewed for me to go on to the next step. That was two months ago.

The old me would have exploited this system to no end. Why should I care if their projects don't get done? But, I honestly feel bad that I am sitting here blogging and reading gawker. I want to contribute. I offer. I try to ask questions and help. I make cups of tea and wait. I stay here with my laptop and textbooks until my scheduled work time is over.

Hopefully soon I'll be given more challenging work. Until then I'll be resisting the urge to watch hulu or download more epsiodes of Law & Order:SVU.

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