02 February 2010


I am loving the blog of Tavi, a very young style blogger. To the left is one of her collages. They put mine to shame! I'm also just loving the combination of gray, red, and a light but bright-ish blue.

Tavi writes very well, regardless of age and has the purest love of fashion I have seen in awhile. Someone more than ten years younger than me served as inspiration for Rodarte! Unreal. A blog written by me at that age would have been total crap!All the pictures in this post are from her blog.

I decided my wardrobe needed a little lift. I hate getting older because I think it signals the advent of...boring clothes. I am seriously considering pastel hair, drapey Japanese-designed garments, grandma glasses, and funny colored tights and leggings. But I suspect you can only pull those things off if you are a beautiful teenager and look like this:
If only my attempts at crazy hair colors had been this gorgeous.

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