08 December 2009

I am not funny, the first five minutes of my stand-up routine:

You know when people see me coming up to the stage the think I am not going to be funny.

It's okay. I know why. It's because I'm black. Wow, all the white people in this room just got really uncomfortable.

Black people aren't known for their sense of humor but that's a stereotype I intend to disprove. We don't have our Jerry Seinfeld, our Carrot Top, or that guy that smashes the watermelons. We have serious leaders like, Barack Obama, Coretta Scott King, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Morgan Freedman in any movie except the one where he played a pimp.

Seriously, male comedians still far outnumber female ones. So much in fact sometimes I like to mess with the audience a little. I'll grab a drink and pretend I'm drunk and think this is a karaoke bar.

sings: strangers waiting....up and down the boulevard

I can't see the words sir!

Anyway, I'm at the age where everybody I know is getting real jobs, buying their first house, and getting married. A lot of my friends work in big offices. It's mostly confusing to me. It seems to be really important to have bluetooth. My best friend Jen has a brand new car and she told me it has bluetooth. I live in constant fear that some day I am going to have to use bluetooth.

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Jen said...

Bluetooth is THE BEST! You know you want to use it. :P