20 December 2009

Frustrantion dance

I wanted to update this post by talking about Julie Mehretu and the most recent DVD of Art:21, the PBS series. That particular DVD - #5, has a great profile on Yinka Shonibare and another on Paul McCarthy that was also awesome.

But I was mostly looking forward to the piece on Julie Mehretu. I liked seeing her workspace and some of her processes but I was little disappointed that she seemed sort of well, boring. She might have been trying to be humble or something but I wanted to hear more of a poetic or thoughtful response about her work. I got no idea of the psychology behind her thought process as it related to her mark-making. Why does she pick those images to use as her layers? They mostly seemed to be using photographs as a guide but not copying them exactly. How do the assistants know what to paint? They did not even mention how she comes across her source material. Why don't they ever ask the questions I want answered????

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