27 November 2009


Thank you big things. Thank you University of Florida for my undergraduate and now graduate degree. Thank you for giving me options! Thank you Penland. I'm saving up my pennies to come back. I promise! Thank you learning. I'm so grateful.

Thank you friends who are scattered all over. Thank you Sigma Kappa friends, Erica in New York City, Katy in Texas, Jen in Orlando, Amy in DC, and all my other girls. Thank you old friends - Jillian, you make me so proud. Thank you new friends and new people that are almost-friends. I look forward to new adventures. I look forward to missing you when you aren't around. I love you all!

Thank you Gainesville. If you haven't come to visit yet, get over here! I have a futon you can sleep on. I love my little house on third. I love riding my bike. I love our teeny downtown. I love the Top. I love meeting new young people who are inspired by Gainesville. Thank you for Satchel's. Thank you for awesome pizza! Thanks to the boyfriend for always being kind and tolerant and a great cook. Love you.

Thank you to small things. Thank you hulu. Thank you thift store sale craft supplies. Thank you cuddly cat and fluffy dog. Thank you needle. Thank you thread. Thank you $1 refills at Maude's. Thank you nutella.

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