13 November 2009

more funny boyfriend quotes

While looking in our fridge:
"I can't believe we have I can't believe it's not butter! I can't believe it!"

me: What do I wear to an interview at a bookstore?
him: Business casual!
me: What's business casual?
him: I dunno...

I'm looking up reviews of The Box, the movie we just went and saw. In one is a picture of James Marsden, the male lead in it.
him: Hey!
me: What?
hm: I know that guy!
At this point I think he's kidding until ---
him: I think I've seen him at the gym!
me: Garrett, that's James Marsden.
him: Is he famous?
me: Garrett....he was in the movie we just saw... half an hour ago
him: Oh. He looks like a guy at the gym.

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