04 November 2009

I make things with my hands.

I make things with my hands. This in itself is becoming a radical act.

I am just as serious in making my "craft" items as I am working on an oil painting. They are different media sure, but I work just as hard in both. I do not think one is more important than the other. They just serve different purposes.

Things that are skillfully handmade do possess a power, a kind of grace. I do not worry that these things will become obsolete in a technologically driven world. Rather, I think technology will always have to look back and use craft if it is ever going to have any kind of permanence. And craft can utilize technology in unique ways. Recently I have seen a lot of work with soft circuits in fabric. These circuits are sewn with conductive thread. Besides looking cool, putting lights on your clothes could be useful at night if you were riding your bike.

We as crafters and artists must learn to look back at traditional crafts and forward into what technology can offer.

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