21 August 2009

please do something constructive today

I had the day off today. Usually I have more things planned but all I did was go to the doctor and Tijuana Flats. After watching some hulu and responding to many emails I started compiling ridiculous things my boyfriend has told me.* Luckily I have tweeted many of them. I think this is an appropriate and constructive use of my time.

"I had a dream I was in Bacon Town. It wasn't a town made of bacon, it was where I knew a lot of bacon was going down." - I believe I was woken up for that one. I wish I could go to Bacon Town.

"I used to think I liked anime but i just really liked being stoned." - While watching Adult Swim. I think he will make me take this one down.

"I think 'bananaphone' was his best song" - Garrett on Raffi

"Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie's father? ...Really?.... Who is Jon Voight? He is somebody right? He looks famous..." - I believe I was watching E! News.

"She's not like a chef, she's like a butter cook." - Arguing against seeing Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah.

"why are you so disappointed? it makes you look like a little tuna fish."

"i want to go to costa rica"
"you want to go deaf?"
"you can twitter that."

*I should mention that my wonderful boyfriend has two degrees, one in Art and one in Anthropology so these quotes get more ridiculous when you realize how annoyingly smart he is.

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