29 April 2009

jeanna makes tortilas from scratch

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joaniebaby said...

Hi Francesca. I was googling maggie taylor to see if she had a twitter. I don't think she does, but anyway i found your blog and it's quite entertaining. So did you get a book signed by her at the Harn? I am so jealous! I did get to see that huge print of 'The patient gardener' in person at the Harn though. It was beautiful.
By the way really like your images. I photograph too. I have a couple of classes left to graduate, but i probably won't take them until next year. So what are you shooting with? I have my eye on the new canon. Well now that i've talked your ear off,
i'll let you go (lol). I see you have a twitter too, so maybe i will drop by and see what you're doing. Have a great day :)