12 January 2009

Willingham just sounded like an old coot

Danny Djeljosevic has an excellent response to Bill Willingham's ridiculous editorial. Willingham's Fables is a favorite of mine. I even wrote a paper on the Jack character.

But Willingham's desire to have every superhero be a paradigm of good is so boring. Interestingly, Willingham's own Fables is excluded from this because while those characters are supernatural they do not....wear costumes? Beat up bad guys? Please.

Anyway, I particularily liked this section of Danny's post:

Comic books are pop culture, which reflects -- guess what -- the culture. Superman fought slum lords in the Great Depression. Captain America (and just about everyone else) fought the Nazis and Japanese in World War II and nobody complained. Now, with rampant fear of terrorism and an unpopular, seemingly never-ending war that none of us could agree on to begin with, we’re stricken by cynicism, confusion, and moral ambiguity. We don’t pretend to live in a world of black and white absolutes anymore, so why should our “popular” fiction?

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Danny Djeljosevic said...

Oh, goodie! A link and a tag.

I am canon now! HA HA HA