09 December 2008

Rasmussen College: a quick overview

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Hi. I got an email about this website about a week ago. Since I have been pursuing higher education I thought I would take a look at it. I have never heard of it. It appears to be both a distance learning school and a physical campus. From what I have gathered, the Rasmussen student tends to be a young professional. The closest physical campus to me is in Ocala. Ocala is south of Gainesville.

The website at first glance is a little overwhelming. Their are perhaps too many options to click on. I did not really know what to do or where to go first. The search box is very small. And I found it a little harder to navigate than other school's websites. Color choices could be used more effectively. Everything seemed to be more or less equivalent, their needs to be a hierarchy. A cleaner composition on the front page would really benefit the entire site. After all, this is a school that prides itself on online education. Still, the content that is on the website is very easy to read. The tone is friendly as well which really goes a long way.

Rasmussen has a section of the site called “Rastopia”.The Rastopia section of the website takes a long time to load. The fun, cartoony feel of it is interesting but at odds with the rest of the website. I think the main website would benefit from adding more of this personality throughout. The little career quiz identified me as “The Creative” which I could have probably figured out by myself. Sadly, their are no online MFA painting programs. I wonder how that would even work.

All in all, this seems like a school worth checking out.

Florida colleges

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