05 December 2008

american werewolf, part 5- panic on the streets of london

It's almost midnight and I am wired.  Too much caffiene will do the to you.  

I know I promised to share with you information about White Cube but I'm not going to talk about that yet. Instead, I'm going to talk about what happened two nights ago. 

My journalist cousin got two tickets to attend a press screening of Australia. She invited me. I arrived before she did so i was just walking around, seeing the West End and people-watching. I noticed their were a lot of goth kids. I didn't think much of it as I was close to several theaters. 

On the way to find a cup of coffee I hear screaming. Not terror-filled or panicked screaming, the high-pitched register that can only be achieved by excited teenage girls. I see a barrier and people at the end of the street. A guy giving out one of London's free papers is standing sort of close to the crowd so I ask him what's going on. He doesn't know. I decide to get closer. 

Teenage girls and their moms are everywhere. I look at the front of the theater. The words "TWILIGHT" are done in silver with blue lighting behind them. I have just stumbled upon the UK premiere of the hotly anticipated movie. Suddenly the goth kids make a whole lot more sense. 

I push my way into the crowd to see what's going on. I don't see much but find out from the people that have been waiting that it will be at least another hour before the stars are expected to arrive. Girls are screaming anyway. It's pretty cold, maybe they are doing it to keep warm. Many hold Twilight books. I leave the crowd and search for coffee. 

On the way to coffee I almost knock over a guy. The West End is crowded and I am clumsy so this isn't shocking. I say sorry and we make eye contact. He looks familiar. Cute, brown hair, glasses, and nicely dressed. He seems to be with an older woman. Did he go to UF? 

I look at him awkwardly for a moment. 

He looks awkwardly back and continues on his way. 

And realization dawns on me, I just almost took out McLovin from Superbad.

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